Microsoft Points.....Anyone explain these?

    We have bought an XBox slim for my 2 sons.
    Can anyone explain what the points do?

    Also they refuse to share the same account so does that mean i will have to pay for 2 subscriptions?Any cheap deals?

    Last question...if buying the maps for COD4 for example,would i have to buy twice or will both my sons have the maps on their the PS3?



    the points are for the marketplace, can purchase many things.. games,themes,pictures etc etc.
    You will also have to buy a GOLD membership for EACH account if they both want to play online.
    Also im just guessing at this, but on halo 3 both accounts needed to purchase extra maps.


    microsoft points buy DLC (downloadable content) things like add-ons to games etc... can also buy movies, themes and pictures. if they refuse to share the same account tell them its tough, otherwise yes you will have to pay for 2 subs every year

    You need 2 subscriptions but Xbox live is cheap am and i think there's a family deal, you get the maps like on PS3, the points are for buying things like the maps

    DLC like the maps on COD 4 are usually 'locked' to the xbox console not the individual account. They can be tranfered to another console once every 12 months. Accounts on the xbox should detect and share DLC

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    So basically i can download maps once and that will do?
    But for Halo Reach i`d have to pay twice?

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    So basically i can download maps once and that will do?
    But for Halo Reach i`d have to pay twice?

    yes once will do, my son and i share the same DLC(download content). Infact you can pay for maps once and use on two different consoles.

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    Thanks for that,been lookin at buying 4200 points from The Hut for £26.52p and 2 x Black Ops 12 month Gold Membership with FREE T-shirt for £58.16p (using codes etc)

    Would that safely buy a few maps/DLCs (not sure how many points it would cost)
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    maps are usually about 800msp, although the modern warfare 2 ones were 1200 on release(rip off). Watch out though cuz there's an xbox live sale almost every week. For instance gears of war 2 all fronts collection is on sale at the min for 400msp, usually 1600msp. Best deal in ages, about 16 maps and extra levels to the game.

    Thats a good deal on the xbox live. Providing the codes work that is. Failing that, don't pay high street prices. You can get em online for about £28 with instant delivery.

    Keep in mind you get a month's free live with every gamertag created.(up to 3 i believe.)

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    Do you think the above prices for Points and Xbox live are good?

    yeah there are very good
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