Microsoft pondering cashback for Live Search purchases

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Found 21st May 2008
That sounds like a silly idea, but Microsoft might offer soon some cashback to their search engine's users "when they buy things they find through Microsoft's Live Search".

Maybe that will help them regain ground over Google, but the question remains, would you use their search engine more than for the occasional purchase? Not so sure, he he he!

Here's an article that details the project:…tml

If they go ahead, we might see some nice deals to share on here...


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Here's the link again if copy/paste is too much trouble:

]Ars Technica's article could indeed be an attractive service if the rebates are large … could indeed be an attractive service if the rebates are large enough to feel tangible

i agree with the above quote, which is mentioned in the link you provided. if they are offering enough, then fine. i have no loyalty to google, they are just as bad as microsoft imo. adverts everywhere, bundled **** on my dell computer etc etc. if its worth it, i'd happily change the search engine i use.

[url][/url] can be a nice little background earner if you don't mind using to search
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