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    In MS Publisher, is there anyway to stop words being broken up when they're near edge of a text box? for some reason it automatically adds a hyphen in the middle of a word and carries it on to the next line, but I want it to just leave a space and not break words up

    any tips?



    Try something like Format/Paragraph/Text Wrapping

    Not used Publisher for ages. Powerpoint kind of does all you might need instead.

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    no, there are some text wrapping options but for use when text is around an image/shape

    need to use publisher as its for professional printing and I need crop marks and bleeds....

    any other ideas?!

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    thanks that worked but its a really long winded way! it goes thru all the text and asks whether each word should be hyphenated or not. I can't seem to find an option to remove all hyphen....

    thanks a lot though!!

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    ^scratch that, i figured it out!!

    Glad you got it sorted. ALways happy to help people in the constant battle getting Micorsft stuf fto work :thumbsup:
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