microsoft security essentials, yes or no

    Should I remove my eset nod 32 and replace with microsoft security essentials.

    Has anyone totally relied on microsoft security essentials without any problems.


    i use it! think its the best free one out there tbh

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    ok will un install eset and install microsofts.

    do not uninstall eset for something free!

    you must be mad to do something like that. Eset are one of the top 3 in the world

    Gotta say the same, ESET is way better then Microsoft security essentials

    Security Essentials is good but its not better than ESET.

    It's better than a dodgy copy of ESET though as they're a right pain to update as ESET send out anti-piracy patches a lot. Well, that was the case a year or 2 ago when I was trying it out.

    well free av or pay for something very highly rated?

    not this same discussion over and over again

    I installed it on all the work computers and it seemed to be ok. Not as intrusive as AVG / Avast etc

    its fine for free and microsoft have a good reason on wanting to produce one-to fight all the security vulnerabilities in their OS.

    but I wouldnt replace a full paid for suite with it.
    unless of course I was totally broke.

    Unlike all the other companies offering a free AV that nags you to buy a paid for one, microsoft have no hidden agenda.
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    Have 2 say I have tryed all paid 1s and free 1s like AVG!!
    It does the job , basic but works fine!! I have had no probs as yet,use on all our P.Cs

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    had it running, seems good.
    on the initial scan detected something that eset had let through.
    so thumbs up for now

    I use MS SE at home and have had no problems with it at all.
    We have to use McCrapee at work and it lets stuff through all the time.
    I use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware on both [as an extra check]. Catches lots of stuff at work and never anything at home...
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