Microsoft speed wheel dated and priced for UK

    Heads up really (image in 1st post)

    Taken from shopto:

    Microsoft’s just sent through a press release confirming the UK price for the Xbox 360 Wireless Speed revealed at E3.

    The wheel will retail at £44.99 when it arrives in early October. In comparison the US version will cost $60 and release alongside Forza 4.


    Original Poster SuperEd

    If this isn't mounted, then I can see it failing.

    Original Poster SuperEd


    If this isn't mounted, then I can see it failing.

    Dont think it is ?

    I think i used the Mario Kart wheel once before going back to normal controls....utterly pointless imo.

    so does it have motion built in or does it need kinect ?

    Looks like the most pointless thing ever.


    Looks crap

    The only way to properly play Forza is with a force feedback wheel. What are you meant to balance this thing on for stability whilst steering?
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