Microsoft Steering Wheel for XBOX 360

    Does anyone have any idea where this can be purchased reasonably cheaply?

    I have found it for £79.99 on which seems to be the cheapest.

    I am looking for the official steering wheel by the way.

    Many thanks. Mark


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    Bump ;-) Anyone?

    Had a look around and it does appear that Play has the best price at moment.

    Game sell it for £89 but thats with PGR3, well worth a tenner if you don't have it!

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    prob worth is as PGR is the patched version with force feedback.

    all places (including play) seem to sell this with the official microsoft steering wheel.

    I got one with the Argos deal, its a Madcatz steering wheel and very good (although I haven't tried the others).

    The suckers are a bit naff though so doesn't stick very well to a flat surface but a bit of glue would sort that!!

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    cheers darkovo - rep given.

    however what i'd really like is the official steering wheel.

    unfortunately it's the most expensive.

    maybe convince someone to give it to me for chrimbo!!!
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