Microsoft Store Student Discount - What's the exact process?

Found 2nd Dec 2015
Hi all,

Does anyone know what the exact process is for the student deals. I have friends and family with email addresses that would help me out with getting the discount on a Surface Pro 4. But I could use some insight into the process. I've had a look at how the order process works and from what I've seen, after adding the items to the basket and going to checkout it asks you to log into your Microsoft account (hotmail,live,outlook etc...). After that comes the Academic verification, the FAQs say that you put in the email address, then check it, and click on the verification link in an email to get verified.

What happens after that? Does it just go back to the checkout via the original Microsoft/hotmail account and proceeds through there? It's just that obviously I'd rather use my MS account to order it to my name and address, so that if there is any problems with the SP4 once it arrives I can send it back or deal with it without having to bother family to do it for me. For those who have done it through family before, did you have to order it through the name of the person on the student email address or is it a case of once it's verified they don't care?

Thanks for the help.
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You need to get the UNIdays app, and that's what you use
Hi, I got my order done in the end and thought I'd update this in case anyone else finds it wondering in the future, my process went like this

Sorry for the wall of text but wanted to cover all steps to help clear up any confusion.

1. Log in to and go the Microsoft Cashback page Click on the 5% Surface Cashback rate to be redirected to the Mocrosoft Store. (5% Quidco cashback may no longer be offered at your time of reading this)

2. Go to the Student/Education section of the store and add Type cover to cart. This automatically takes you to the basket screen, Click on the Microsoft logo or top banner to take you back to the store. Then navigate back to the education section and add the desired Surface Pro 4 which directs you back to the basket screen.

3. If everything is in the Basket that you want and should say student price, click next. You'll be asked to sign in with a Microsoft account, MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, Live etc... Do so.

4. Next you'll be on the verification screen with 4 options to verify. I used the email address so can only advise for that. Put in the email of the family member or friends email address, After submitting it, if the school/uni is registered with them you'll get green text saying to check the email to verify. If it's nots registered on Microsoft's system you'll get red text saying it's not registered, In this case try a different email or verification option.

5. Open up a new tab on your browser and log into their email account to find the email from Microsoft (may need to check spam folder). Once you find the verification message, click the link inside. This will redirect that browser tab back to the Microsoft store to say you're successfully verified and to continue the order like you would any online store, putting in YOUR address and bank details. If they are not with you at the time of ordering or you don't have direct access to their student email address, make sure that they either send you the verification link from the email or forward you the email so that you can open it up/click it from within the same browser you started the order process or the verification will likely fail

ALSO, be prepared that with such a high value purchase, that your bank might flag the purchase as someone having stolen your details. This happened to me and the final confirm order on the store failed for me, I instantly got an automated call from the bank where I had to confirm recent purchases and that it was me trying to order. Took about 5 minutes. I came back up stairs and thought I might need to start the process all over again, but there was a retry order button on screen, clicked it and all went through fine the second time.

After finishing the order I went to work for a couple of hours and when I came back I checked Quidco and the 5% had tracked for a further £70+, all in all saving me over £210 on the order.

Hope this helps someone.
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