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I was credited with £50 to my Microsoft store account. I've tried many times but the credit can apparently only be used on Microsoft Xbox live, or the App store. I don't have a Xbox or Microsoft mobile. I do have a Surface but loathed to spend £50 in the app store for stuff I don't need/want. Does anyone know of any neat tricks or way around this so that I can either purchase a Xbox game or Xbox credit to give to a family member?


Put your account on their Xbox and set as home and buy what they want so they can play??

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would they then have to keep my account on their Xbox to play anything that is downloaded or can they download a game then go back to their account and still play?

You can add someone to your "family" and I believe you can then top up their account - not sure if you can transfer from one account to another or whether it has to be a top up from a debit card / pre-paid code - Take a look, may suit your needs.
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