Microsoft surface pro 6/7- 128 or 256gb?

Posted 18th Nov
Hi, I’m starting a uni course in March. Need a new laptop. I like the pro as want browsing tablet mode & laptop mode in one. After research understand 8gb ram and i5 processor should be sufficient for what I want.

There’s a considerable difference in price between 128 and 256gb space model though.

Would it be possible to buy 128gb model and use a large memory card permanently - or is this not at all the same/sensible?

Would appreciate anyone’s advice?
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if your current laptop is close to 100GB used, don't get 128GB (unless you can offload tens of GBs from C: drive) ;

have a backup regime of c: drive and the SD memory;

go for a SD memory which has better write endurance/speed if your data is relatively active (written to again in days rather than in weeks/months).
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I have a Surface Pro 4, can't say I ever use it in tablet mode or use the stupid pen, but anyway mine has a micro sd slot, does the 6/7 as you could use that for file storage (and back it up).
Most unis will offer students one drive or google drive for saving work. Personally I would pay for the 256 as you can’t upgrade these and SD cards/usb sticks fail so commonly they can’t be relied on as a main source for storing data and should only be used for temporary storing of data where you have a copy elsewhere.

I have the surface pro 6 and it’s great. I have the i7 version but the i5 will have much better battery life. I have used it in tablet mode to take handwritten notes in meetings which it translated to text into one note which was great.
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I have the pro 3 i5 256 for when I went to uni, I did use the pen for taking notes it was awesome! The extra space is advised though once you have a few bits of software on there 128gb would be gone. I store files mostly on an SD card for things I just consume and things I work on like documents on the hdd.
Thank you all for your advice!
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