Microsoft Surface Pro - reviews/comments/alternatives!

Found 18th Oct 2017
My daughter is a Student Teacher and seen several of her colleagues have a Microsoft Surface Pro which they use in both lectures and in school when teaching.

Seems a lot of money to me! Grateful to hear any opinions and personal reviews of the product or any suggested alternatives.

I see she can get 10% off through student beans - any other discounts possible?

Grateful for any comments!
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I have one for work, I like it, much more portable than a traditional laptop, can be used as a tablet, quick to boot and more than enough spec wise to cope with multiple applications running at the same time...but I wouldn't pay for one myself as they are too expensive in my opinion, nice bit of kit though.
Love my pro - when I can get it off my kids - i5 128Gb but for heavy stuff I have my XPS 15 i7 which is still doing the biz but with Azure using it less and les
These work as tablet and laptop, but in my opinion, far overpriced for what it does. I would rather spend the money to buy a separate tablet and laptop. If you want more portable laptop, just buy the 11” laptop. They are portable enough
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