Microsoft unveils table computer !

    Microsoft has unveiled a new touch-sensitive coffee table-shaped computer called "Surface".

    Designed to do away with the need for a traditional mouse and keyboard, users can instead use their fingers to operate the computer. Also designed to interact with mobile phones placed on the surface, Microsoft says it will initially sell the unit to corporate customers. These will include hotels, casinos, phone stores and restaurants.……stm


    That has been around the net for a while now. I think Microsoft may have bought the technology off someone. There is a video of it working, i will see if i can find it.

    Here we go, wait until about 50secs in to see the photo stuff…ch=

    Not sure I'd fancy sticking my cup of tea/coffee on something as expensive as thats going to be!

    looks good for those on-line jig saws

    Aww... I was reading all about this at dinner time and though "they won't be interested" lol.


    It really does look very amazing. I'm sure that a table computer isn't an amazingly original and new idea but they've obviously developed it well.

    Wouldn't it cause neck ache looking down at the table?

    Now that combined with a table top that I can roll up and carry under my arm would be great :-)
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