Microsoft Vista / XP

    I've just been given a PC from a friend that has a hooky copy of Windows XP installed.

    I'd like to change this to a legit copy of XP or Vista (whichever is cheapest) as soon as possible.

    What is the cheapest way to do this??
    I've looked on Ebay and the cheapest seems to be around £40 delivered for a new copy of XP.

    Also, I've never used Vista so any asides on the benefits of that would be interesting too. Doesn't seem to do anything more than I need from XP to be honest.



    Stay away from Vista,

    I have latest dual core with fair RAM and I am disgusted with Slowness of VIsta - Home Premium..

    Offers nothing new but slows down the machine considerably..



    Personal opinion really, ive got vista and had some problems but nothing major. What type of spec is the pc?

    I'd avoid vista too

    the cheapest way to get hold of XP legitimately is to buy an OEM cd, - I personally wouldn't trust ebay sellers to be entirely legitimate, and would do the rounds looking at the major e-tailers to see who is cheapest for an OEM copy.

    I have Vista Ultimate and am really happy with it, not a super dooper pc either

    Avoid vista. In my WMP, it doesn't show subtitles. For some people, it always shows subtitles. Not only Windows media player, but also win dvd, VLC..
    Also it is slow. Back to windows XP now and really happy:)

    Original Poster

    Ok thanks, will stay clear of Vista I think.
    From what I've read there's nothing it can offer me and the machine is only an Athlon 2000+.

    Hmm, cheapest copy of XP home from legit retailers is about £55. Was hoping for cheaper. Anyone? or take my chances with Ebay??

    well dont be put off.. if the pc is for development install vista. If it is for games install XP. I have 2 pc's and i do exactly this. I find vista fine and its excellent for development pc's but not so for gaming though I do have games installed on the vista pc as well... and they run fine.

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