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Found 5th Apr 2009
hey! i'm buying a new computer without an os, and as it has 8gb onboard memory, and a 1gb graphics card, i'm going to need the 64 bit version of windows vista, can anyone direct me to the cheapest/best place i can get this from please?? cheers guys!!
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hi Mate,
As I worked for PC World before, I know there is a special outfit code for 32/64bit MS Vista Ultimate Upgrade SP1 for £49.99. It is a two discs upgrade version but if you do clean install or install on top of Trial version, it will work as full version. I deleted the Outfit code accidently from my phone. But you can ask them. They might tell you to buy it together with new PC/laptop.
It's not going to work with only an 8Gb solid state drive - surely?
Once installed there won't be enough disk space.
I'm after the 64 bit version aswell how do you get the pc world offer?
if you know a student you can get 64 bit or 32 bit cheap from microsoft think its about 50-60 quid?

I'm after the 64 bit version aswell how do you get the pc world offer?

Pls see my post above. Go to Business Centre in PC World and ask for (£49.99) Vista Ultimate Upgrade.
My advice is don't bother Buying windows Vista. in a few months windows 7 will come out.
if you need an OS you and can cope a few months without windows try out Ubuntu Linux. if you need Windows go with windows XP which you can pick up cheaper and upgrade to windows 7 when it comes out later this year.
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