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Posted 18th Aug
I've just very recently bought a new Windows 10 laptop.I would like to be able to put some sort of Microsoft Word on it for doing basic letters etc but grudge having to pay an annual subscription. can anyone please recommend something i could get for free.just hear in mind that I'm not much of a techie so please keep it fairly simple to get it.thanks
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Libra office is a free version
+1 for Libra office.
Google Docs is a very good web-based alternative. If you'd prefer a local installation, Open Office and Libra Office are probably the two best known office suites, both including a word processor, but personally I'd recommend Text Maker, which is part of Free Office. In particular, you'll probably find the more 'traditional' interface easier to get used to than some others.

There's a good high-level overview of a few options here:
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"OpenOffice" for consideration
I use 'Open Office' too. I'm no techie either so as far as I'm concerned it works exactly the same and I can't tell the difference.
I've used both Open Office and LibreOffice Writer for years, both will do exactly what you need them to do as a alternative to Word.
You can access word for free. It does the basic things, letters etc, in an online version. More details here .
Office also comes in a one-off version, called Office 2019 as opposed to Office 365 for the subscription version.

But if all you want is is the basics then the WordPad application that comes with Windows will likely do everything you want and looks more like Word than the alternatives. It can be found under the Windows Accessories section of the start menu.

Google's is pretty good, easy to use. No need to download software, works in your web browser (anyone you sign in to).
You can make the files accessible offline on your home PC.
If you install the Google Drive app it'll show up as a folder in your PC too…ad/
Another vote for open office here. The kids use it too and it’s close enough to word for them to find their way around
LibreOffice for me - installed by default on my OS of choice. It gets more updates than OpenOffice, as the people running OO are largely keeping the lights on rather than actively developing it. Otoh, there's a bout of politics brewing round LibreOffice too as there may be a paid for version coming (Enterprise edition).
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open office. or consider buying an old version of office where you don't have to pay an annual subscription. we have office 365 as hubby gets it free with work, but i have installed office 2007, which is an old copy as I prefer the look of that over office 365.
thanks for all the advice
You can buy Microsoft Office lifetime codes from ebay for about £5-£10.

The last time we bought anything from Currys/PC World/Staples & paid full price was nearly 16 years ago.
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