Microsoft word & text boxes help please...? Im going to scream!!

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Found 11th Nov 2009
Before anyone points out how thick I am, I already know :-/

Ive only used word once before to type up a document, Ive just never really needed to prior to that. But now Ive agreed to type something up for someone (wishing Id not said yes now, at the time I thought 'how hard can it be'!)

Ive written out some stuff already that needed to be in a box, I didnt think much about it at the time as I assumed he could put it in one later if he was bothered.. but now Ive found the 'insert text box' option and tried to fix it/make it right!

Ive tried putting the text Ive already written into a box, but every time I make a new box it just appears on top of my text as a white box, obv making the text nr invisible.
Plus the boxes arent fitting in with my margins that are already set, some are well over?

Where am I going wrong (everywhere I imagine!)?

Please can I have some help in v BASIC speak! lol


Select the text you want and place a border around it, instead of inserting a box

This button and choose 'Outside border'

Original Poster

My M.Word looks old school and nothing compared to yours, makes mine look extremely dull!

Thanks very much though, I found the borders option I cant believe I wasted about an hour trying to figure it out and messing around with boxes!

Cool glad I could help. Good luck with the rest of it!

You could have simply made the text box, changed the background colour to null/transparent, and copied the text into it - And resized the box to make it fit. But whatever works
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