Microsoft X-Box 360 Wireless Controller (for windows)

    Anyone help with info please on these. Are they 2 different products?

    If the description of the product doesn't include (for windows) can I assume that its not compatible with windows.

    As you can tell, I'm not a gamer.


    The only difference is that the 'for windows' version comes with a Windows driver CD. You can download this anyway from Microsoft so any wireless Xbox 360 controller will work with Windows as long as you have the crossfire receiver and download the driver.

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    Thanks a lot for that airey :thumbsup:

    Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure the 'for windows' version comes with the crossfire receiver so if you just bought a wireless 360 controller you would have to buy the crossfire receiver separately. Basically...

    Wireless Xbox 360 Controller For Windows – Controller, Crossfire Receiver, Driver CD
    Wireless Xbox 360 Controller - Controller
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