Microsoft Zune


    Wondering if anyone knows a place where i can get a Zune except from eBay.

    If only shipped abroad, but sadly not.

    So, i come here seeking help!



    Thought would give this a bump as looking to buy an 80gb Zune 2 when they launch.

    Anyone own a Zune? Happy? where did you buy it etc etc. Thanks.

    i owned one, a decent piece of kit but just too bulky, i sold it on here a while a go now, if i was to get a new one i'd get the light one, is a good bet they are very cheap in america

    Original Poster

    I actually ended up buying one from eBay.

    I'm quite happy with it, it may be bulky, but it fits in my pocket perfectly fine, so i have no complaints.

    Love the whole album art and interface, and generally quite pleased with the purchase!

    This place is selling Zune (1st Generations), the 30GB for £115 and is takeing preorders for the Zune (2nd Generation) 80gb for £170.

    Its a British website which is always good!!


    Thanks guys.:friends:
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