Looking for the best price, but my mums being awkeward and wants a silver one to match all the other stuff in the kitchen :-(

    Any help would be grately appreciated :thumbsup:


    Have you looked at ]This link

    Have you a Sainsbury's near you?
    I saw quite a few reduced in price (some half price) so have a look if your in there but i wouldn't make a special trip as last time the store i went to did not seem to reflect nationwide availability :?
    Tesco and Asda probably doing similar offers?
    Maybe something in the argos catalogue clearance.
    Just some ideas anyway.

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    thanks will check nearest supermarket when im next in there…htm

    silver one,you will pay more for them than a white one.

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    thanks, I know why are silver ones more expensive?

    All the silver appliances cost more,just like the green blue yellow versions always cost more than if you wanting white when you get those colour options.
    I ain't bothered myself and get what I can,nothing in my house is particularly colour co-ordinated,I just buy the best product suitable for us at best price,regardless what colour it is.


    thanks, I know why are silver ones more expensive?

    Because the silver ones are often made with metal fronts rather than plastic. A plastic one with silver paint would probably cost the same.
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