Microwave oven

    Seem to be damn expensive atm, i want a good brand microwave at a reasonable price, no analogue buttons please lol not to worried about the grill feature as i never used it on my 5/6 yr old model

    would have to be 800w or higher


    Check in your local Tesco, they had a few in recently from as little as £25, even had a digital one in stainless finish for just under £40

    Not a big brand, but we've just bought this and it looks good and is easy to use. Pretty good reviews and on sale at themoment:…htm

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    no offense but really not bothered about argos own brand although ive just discovered (by looking) my microwave is actually a Hinari model so popped onto argos website and they seem to have an updated version of mine…htm

    quite a good price aswel as its £69.99 on amazon

    never used the grill function is it even any good as the next model is only another fiver

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    so should i just go for the argos hinari one or should i look out for other brands as ive seen a samsung in the same price range

    Not saying it's a brilliant deal but I like the look of this one.
    Gets very good reviews on Comet and Argos and I think a good brand.
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