Microwaveable teddy bear (wheat/lavendar bear)

Found 25th Nov 2008
I'm looking for one of those microveable bears where you heat them up & a littlun has a nice warm teddy bear to cuddle up to in bed.

I've seen one for £4 on the back of the Avon book but you have to heat it on the radiator because it has plastic beads. Not keen on that idea, I'd prefer a wheat or lavendar filled bear.

Anyone seen one for a good price?
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play.com About a fiver. got one the other day, its a decent size too!
Think Play still sell them...defo used too
Wow that was quick!!!!

Thanks, that's ideal, just what I'm looking for :-)
amazon have the beddy bear ones i always found them good as you put the whole teddy in the microwave rather than having to fiddle with a bag

its £8.75 but worth it my boys 7 now and still uses his one

sorry i sould have checked the link above ... better price .. thats the one i was trying to recomend :oops:
woolies have em for £5 too
british home stores hane these bears they also do different animals
This brand is good i get the dog version
The ones at play.com are very good quality, i bought a couple of the bunnies when they were 3.99 and they smell really nice (and there lavender)
The ones at Play are letting me add one to the basket, sign in & then when I go to pay it says Out of Stock :x

Might try Woolies
they have a microwaveable bear on [url]www.additionsdirect.co.uk[/url] for £10:santa:
Got 2 from play - they are excellent and the "original" - many others Copy them - spend a few quid more and get the play one..
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