Mid Range DSLR Camera Help PLEASE!

    Hey there, just won some money and im wondering whwich camera i should get. I will spend around £700 and im wondering what the best camera is i can get? Or should i spend more and get something else?

    All i can think of is the nikon d90 right now, is that my best option?

    Thanks alot for any help!



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    O yeh, or should i drop down to the d3000 recently on tesco, whats better value? I like my photos and travel alot..... but i dunno!

    Nikon's have a cashback offer for the D90 and D5000.…tml

    I suggest you go to a camera shop and try out all the DLSR bodies in your budget, comfort is important to me when I'm handling a DSLR. Check out the Sony, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic.
    Since you like to travel, my priority is get a good telephoto lens(up to 100mm lens) with a confortable DSLR body. I found the Canon 40D is comfortable to hold with a 17-85mm lens.…tml - Take your pick of DSLR and lens.

    Nikon d90 is a really good camera and can do 720p video (my friend has this one )

    D5000 this package looks good at jessops…tml

    I have a canon 450d and really like it but for £700 as the previous post nikon offers bettter value for money at present.

    Canon is also doing cashback.…ck/
    EOS 50D - with £65 cashback.
    EOS 500D - with £30 cashback.
    EOS 550D - with £50 cashback

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    thanks a bunch guys, i will look through the links and get back to you all, thanks again
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