Midges in the garden, Gardener tips required!

Found 19th Apr 2009
We had a major midge infestation outside our front window, where there used to be conifer trees and big plants and bushes, I removed all of these as not only were they attracting all the insects and beasties but they were blocking natural light into the house, anyway we are still gettting midges but not as many as when the conifers were there.

So I am wondering if there are any nice plants that give of a smell that they dont like that I can plant under my window to keep them away, this has to be a permanent solution as I have heard of incense sticks that you can burn but I want to be able to open my front windows to let the air in and dont want to have to burn one of these every time I do.
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Had a little look around and came across this -
Eucalypts are a genus of trees that if left to their own devices that will go to 50ft +, if they're happy. However, don't be too alarmed. What you need to do is treat a Eucalyptus as a coppice stool. Let the plant get established for one or two years and then in Feb / March you cut it down to about 4-6" above ground level. This encourages it to throw out new shoots from just below the cut point. The plant will then provide you with lots of very attractive glaucous blue/green juvenile foliage that can grow up to 6ft from ground level in a season. It's also reputed to keep midges and mosquitoes at bay, so plant it near the patio.

A very beautiful foliage plant, excellent against rather dull fences and as a contrast to other leaf colors and shapes. Tends to be a bit fussy about position. Likes to be well drained so incorporate lots of sharp sand and / or pea shingle when planting it and only plant in full sunshine, otherwise 6ft growth a year becomes 6mm

I don't know how high up your window is but it sounds like you could keep pruning it back to the size you want.
We cut down a conifer that was 7-8 ft because we kept getting midges near it and spiders going from the window to the tree with there webs.

Got it all nice and neat now so really just want wee plants, thanks for taking the time to look, must be something out there they hate apart from a stong wind.

If it would be happy at say being pruned to about 2ft or no higher than 3ft then I might give this a shot. The sun might be a problem for it as we only get it around the front until 11-11.30 and then it is on the back.

Thanks, I'll check on it some more.
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