Midnight Club LA 360 trade in

    I bought this for £15 from HMV but i did not like it, yeh its a good customisation game etc but the races are just too damn hard! Im looking to get burnout paradise on the 360!

    So, how much would game/gstation offer me for midnight club ? i might go to hmv as well as they offer high trade in prices.



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    Dont gamestation price match for trade ins

    Is it still £15 @ HMV ?

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    nah its not anymore

    is burnout easier? coz im not good at racing games either.

    I thought Burnout was harder. No tracks or minimap; Just like 'Go there quickly'

    oh b4 i used to find burnout games easier.

    U reckon i shud wait till da new 1?

    wanna trade midnight for tiger 09??

    I will take it off your hands for £13 as the trade in price won't be to high if it's just been on offer.
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