Midnight Hospice Walk for Women

    Hi! Anyone doing the walk in Exmouth tonight? If you are have fun and I'll see you there! I'm tired just thinking about it - normally I am tucked away at midnight - plus I can't find a torch so I shall probably end up a over t!!! Think of me strolling over the cliffs when you are drifting off to the land of nod!!


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    Yep - here's hoping we are never in need of their care. I must hunt for that torch though!

    Hope you enjoyed it. We (13 of us - 11 walked and me and mum helped with admin and making tea when they got back etc because we have health problems that prevented us from actually walking) did a midnight walk for Woodlands Hospice in april because they had looked after my grandad. It was a month to the day that he died.

    Few of us did midnight walk (females only) for the Jospice on friday night as well, because thats where he went at the end. We are all planning on doing the walks again next year, the atmosphere was amazing and really uplifting.

    We have worked it out that, all together, we raised over £2500 through doing the walk and some of us made wills during the make a will month etc.

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    Yes it was good fun thanks - the atmosphere was great - plus it hopefully raised lots of money. We did it because my best friend has lost both her parents recently and with all the care they had recieved it seemed a way of giving a little back. My calves have now recovered until the next one!!
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