Midrange priced Headphones £40-£60

    Hey, Im looking for some mid-range priced headphones, NOT EARPHONES, for myself. I have had a quick look around and like the skullcandy skullcrushers one, but was wandering if anyone can personally recommend these or any other headphones they may think would be ideal. I listen to alot of hip-hop/rap and drum and bass so bass is importnat to me, which is why im thinking of goinf for the skullcrushers with their inbuilt subwoofers!!
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    i have some skull candy lowriders - they give great sound quality. The bass is brilliant on them.. no distortion at all. Had a quick go on a friends skull crushers - one thing i will say is it does what it says on the tin. These REally squeeze your ears together. So maybe try some first if you have a relatively normal sized noggin.

    Another point, mine and my friends are a bit flimzy.. the weak point being the head strap extender - which you have to extend unless your an infant. Its a tiny bit of plastic - so maybe not so good if you're planning to bash them around much.

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    hey thanks for the info, i was thinking of getting low-riders but i hear they are tooo flimsy. /and im loving the sound of skullcrushers, as i am a bass addict. I just wonder what the cheapest prices are for these.
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