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Miele C3 vacuum aftermarket parts

Posted 3rd Jan
Got a Miele C3 powerline which has ran great for the past 2 years but seems sluggish now. I have been using official Miele bags but looking to change them for cheap ebay ones. Also the inner filter and the honeycomb air filter I think it is need changing.

Has anyone tried chinese aftermarket bags + filters for mieles?


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Yes - this is the type we normally use for ours - work fine. It has been many years since with last used an official Miele filter.
I've used the bags when we had one (We've got the Blizzard pet hair bag less one now) They're fine as long as the seal is good.

How long is your warranty? Any chance of a free service from them?
Bags and filters are fine, we got the c3 and been buying them from eBay for years. No problem it’s still going strong.
Rune_2H03/01/2020 20:48

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I personally wouldn’t recommend it from a health standpoint... the dust is very likely to get everywhere in particular if you’re sniffing it in.

It’s not often you change the bags, so might as well be a fresh one.
Changing the charcoal filter on top will help a lot. When ours needs changing the power drops. We use the cheaper ones and they may not last as long as the brand ones but they are a lot cheaper. Bags make no difference if the cheaper ones or not to the hoover. You normally get the filter that’s on its side with some bags. Make sure you’re meant to have it in there though as some models don’t/ have different size
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