Miele Complete C3 Extreme PowerLine replacement bags

    Hi all,

    Anyone able to recommend the cheapest replacement bags for the Miele C3 (can be any C3 variant).
    Branded miele bags are £17.99 for 8 bags, so was wondering if you can recommend a place to get cheaper branded bags or even good quality non-branded replacement bags for the C3.

    Hopefully this thread benefits everyone and we can all get a good deal on replacement Miele C3 bags


    We have C3 and buy genuine bags off ebay or amazon. The knock offs are a little cheaper but never tried. 4 bags last us nearly a year.

    I was looking for the same last week for my C2 power line. I usually get the compatible ones from eBay and Amazon. A website called Go electrical have the genuine bags for £6 something for 4 but with their delivery charge it just didn't seem worth it so I would love to know the answer to this too

    I purchased a few generic ones for my C3 and eventually I went back to paying more for the branded ones
    as the vacumm really performed better with the originals

    The bag itself is the filtration element in these vacuums, if you use paper or knock off bags, you are only sucking in larger particles and all the fine dust is essentially just pumped through the vacuum and out the exhaust.

    The bag is the filter and collector of the dust, not just the collector.

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