Miele condenser tumble dryers - which one to buy?

Found 12th Aug 2011
my tumble dryer has just broken and looking at buying a Miele but dont know where to start. Any advice? While I try to use a tumble dryer as little as possible it still gets alot of use (with having 3 little boys) so want to go for a good one.

They seem to have price points of approx £500, £700 and £900+ but not sure if its worth paying more than the £500 price. Struggling to see what you get for the extra £200.
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For a start does it need to be a condenser? They take longer to dry and therefore cost more to run.

Then you can start by just doing a simple Google shopping search Like this (be aware that this search starts at page 11 as when you sort by price all the spare parts and stuff are at the beginning)

Don't forget to check for and discount vouchers and topcashback/quidco.

thank you. i did try and look at google but seemed to be going round in circles as not that many miele reviews (although most very positive) and didnt want to make a mistake as its alot of money compared to a basic brand. opted for condenser as would have to pull a standard out to drain it as its nowhere near a window/door etc and with 3 little boys dont want trailing cables etc.
Invest some time in reading the forums on this website:-
These guys repair these machines day in day out and they know which are the good and bad ones.
hope this helps,
Thank you for the link. Had spent quite a bit of time bumbling about on the net before you pointed me to the white good website. Really helped.

Not going for Miele due to service related issues discussed on the website but have now got a tumble dryer on the way so thank you deek72 and CleoTheCat for the links and advice.

I have got a BEKO DRCS68W Condenser Tumble Dryer - White - paid £200 for it from Currys over a year ago.

Good machine, decent weight load, quick drying.

It can be plumbed in for the drain or drained into the front loading slide compartment.

Machine is used at least twice per day.
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