Miele Hoover Dust Bags

Found 22nd Aug 2008
I have a Miele Cat and Dog Hoover S5260. I'm currently using the GN HyClean dustbags.

There's 2 things I'm looking for, firstly

The cheapest Dust Bags for them. They seem to generally go for around £5 which is for a pack of 5 I think (ebay). So any cheaper (cheapest) alternatives?

Secondly and ideally,

I have found these mk-vacuum-cleaner-bags.co.uk/mie…a12

but I'm unsure whether they are compatible with my hoover.

Are there reusable bags or a fixed and emptyable bag/compartment, be it official or an adapter for this hoover?
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Would defeat the object of them if they were reusable, packs of 4 genuine GN Hyclean dustbags for £5.95 here

Thanks, I was just looking at that as the same request was posted awhile back. Works out about £1.78 a bag if you buy 2+ packs. I've noticed alternative products which can work out as little as 0.90p a bag. Obviously it's always best to go with the genuine article but I'm curious as to how much it realyl matters when it comes to dust bags. I'll probably buy a couple of packs of both and test for myself.

Sorry should have been more specific, just curious if there are reusable options regardless of defeating the object, needn't be just "bags". The object would be to save money
I use the generic Miele bags for my Cat and Dog from Day2dayshop and they are fine.

The only thing is that the picture shows the collar to be plastic, but the ones I received had a cardboard collar. I've found that it doesn't make any difference so long as you aren't continually taking the bag in and out.

All in all, although not the genuine item a good replacement for a good price. :thumbsup:
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