Miele vacuum cleaners

    Looking to but either a Mielle Cat and Dog 500 or a Hepa 5000 model.

    Seen them for £157 (inc del) for the Cat and Dog 5000 on the Co-Op website, and £167 for the Hepa 5000 on the empire direct website.

    Does anyone have vouchers or codes for these, or can suggest anywhere cheaper?



    Forgot to add! Use QuidCo.Com to earn 2% in cashback to save a little more, well about £3, so £147 delivered after cashback.

    I recently bought a Miele S381 at Currys for £99.99. It seems to be available at Curry's only, but the spec compares well with the other Miele models but is considerably cheaper.

    It doesn't have the Hepa filter or the turbo brush that the models you mention have, an it is 1800W rather than 2000W. But I reckon that it's not worth an extra £50+. You can select and compare the models on the Curry's website. We've been very pleased with the S381.

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    Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for the post :)There's a Miele Cat and Dog 5000 … Welcome to HUKD + Thanks for the post :)There's a Miele Cat and Dog 5000 here:ElectricShop.Com Miele Cat and Dog 5000 Here[/url]Just £150 including VAT/Delivery.

    Many thanks for all the suggestions!

    Let us know what you buy!

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    Let us know what you buy!

    Actually, it was for my mum, but she's ordered the Hepa 5000, for £165inc del from Empire Direct. Usually retails for about £200 on john lewis.

    She wanted the brush bar, so i reckon it's a good deal. its also one of the latest models.

    There's also a £15 off voucher code for Empire Direct! Did you use it? would only be £150 then.
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