MiFi with Ipod touch?

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Found 18th Oct 2010
OK peeps. Can I get my newly acquired 4G IPOD touch online using the all new MiFi? I plan on getting the PAYG if it will work. Also is it only 3 that are doing MiFi?

Please don't tell me I should have bought an IPhone!


It should work fine, from what I recall it even comes with specific instructions for the touch.

I think Vodafone were doing a similar device but it was considerably more expensive.


ok, a friend and i have both just bought the mifi. Its a great little device, we bought ours in a three high street shop for £49. Can confirm it comes with instructions for use with all ipods and ipads, the web interface is even customised for these devices.

Couple of notes:
1) there are two models, the newer (and better) one the e585 is black, the older one is silver.
2) it is fairly easy to unlock, and can be done for free. This will give you the option of using any sim card from any network, I'm using mine in spain at the moment.

Not sure who has the best mobile broadband deal at the moment, three seem to have just changed there payg pricing structure to close a loophole that made them very cheap.
Any suggestions??


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Going over to town now to hear the latest 'spin' from the shop assistants! Thanks for the prompt replies guys.
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unlock instructions

Virtual Rep headin' your way

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Do people in mobile phone shops actually want to help their customers? No, I thought not...
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