Migrate dvds / blurays to digital copies

Posted 21st Apr
Does anyone know how you you’re Migrate Dvds/ blurays to digital copies, I believe it is possible and some people are even to put them on they’re google play account apparently ?? Any help would be extremely appreciated?
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I'm not sure if you mean "Ultraviolet" or "iTunes" digital content? These are codes that you get with a purchase of a DVD/BR (but only if it came in the box) and that allows you to download or 'add' a digital version of a movie to a library. Ultraviolet has ceased as a current format (but some can still be redeemed) and then transferred to the likes of Google.

Apart from that, you perhaps mean "ripping" a DVD/BR to a digital format - for playing on a PC/TV. This; of course; is still considered illegal.
Best to watch YouTube tutorials. Check out the software Handbrake.
Thank you guys
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