Milton jones??

Found 20th Jul 2014
Just watching mock the week and just wonder who finds Milton Jones funny? I just don't get him at all....... I know he has his fans but am I in the minority?
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yes he's alternative comedy bit like marmite to jam
The man is pure genius, totally hilarious.
I was watching it too and thought the same, although seen him on 8 out of 10 cats and he was funnier.

Personally I don't find him funny, he's in the same category as Noël Fielding
Many of the Mock the Week jokes are funny and timing is great - granted he takes basis issues and basic points and turns them into comedy but something different - i did watch him on his own programme and personally although great on Mock the Week found the jokes on his live show poor, repetitive and went on too long of the same thing.
I found him 'funnier' on that show than on tonight's mock the week!

Maybe it was topics etc on that show that I could relate to
He's about as 'alternative' as Bad News were 'Heavy Metal' One liner old skool, wouldn't have been out of place in the 1970's.
Isn't that what constitutes alternative now?

Saw Ken Dodd live, never laughed harder or longer in my life...love Harry Hill too, Milton is OK...
Just had to watch him on YouTube ( live at the Apollo) as I didn't know who he was.Damn he is not funny and I agree with you mosskeeto.
Bring back Frankie Boyle
.. and Milton Jones is the sole reason i stopped watching Mock the Week
Agree, when he was on MTW first off I found him funny, maybe as he was something new. Watched his standup and thought wtf not funny and didn't find him funny when last on MTW.
Obviously different horses for different courses. To me, the guy is just not funny. Lee Evans all the way

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