Found 8th Jan 2010

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haha nice

got mine first time, bit like 20 q's

will have to think outta the box now

got mine right

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haha nicegot mine first time, bit like 20 q'swill have to think outta the … haha nicegot mine first time, bit like 20 q'swill have to think outta the box now

mines was oor wuillie

got it 3rd time

hmm it got my second also haha even though i thought it was goin right off the boil hmmmm lol

this game is cheating haha it keeps gettin it right the ******

its got all 4 of my guesses!!!! not obvious ones neither!

Got mine twice, Vinnie Jones & David Bowie.

loool wtf with this thing haha

it goes off on a tangent and then gets it lol *looks around for hidden cameras*

ive had hermoine granger lol demi lovato

i did spiderman.. he got it

This is actually impressing me. These sorts of things are normally quite easy to beat, but this one has an excellent range of knowledge.

I started with Rafael Benitez, and he got that very quickly. Moved on to Mr Blobby, and it took him 20 questions. Then Hank from Dungeons and Dragons took him 25. I'm amazed he got that one.

he got theo walcott lol gonna go with something more adventurous if he gets it i quit lol


LOL in about ten question it got moss from IT crowd on ffs lol

Couldnt get Wallace from Wallace and Gromit for me...

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i was thinking kirk broadfoot, he got aiden mcgeady then kris boyd then kirk

Dam 2nd go he got mine

YES, He does not know Sports Billy, i defeated him

It got mine right Beyonce

got mine lauren conrad


Got Elton John, Cilla Black, Sven Goran Erikson, Frank Bruno and Gil Grissom!

hot my 2nd wrong i was thinking of ciara and it thought it was amerie , so then told it to go on and it said it was cassie,then rhiana so it then gave up

Wayne Rooney (fairly easy)
Niko Bellic
James Hetfield

I'm actually impressed, I don't imagine it gets it from the questions it asks!

It got couldn't find David Blunkett Irony.

Wow - it's really good. Rep for entertaining me!

it didnt get mine. John Anchor from the deepgate codex.

Got Hitlar and Bigfoot!

Did not get Eva Peron

got my first one professor moriarty gonna try now for HH

DAMN he got it within 15

he can't get Biffa Bacon how does it go from is your character a male to did he appear in a comedy set in new york ffs it was gunther from friends haha

another WTF

thinking of tony blair...ever been married yup...ARE THEY IN POLITICS WTFFF HOOOW U KNOOOWW grr haha

woop managed to beat it once lol did a few more questions got it after about 30

Played twice, beat him twice :-D
Daily Thompson
Shenna Easton


didnt get John Kavanagh QC. Came back with Rumpole so pretty close.

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bassa just got ron jeremy in 12 questions
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