Minecraft PS3 download code free with Vita game?

Found 31st Jan 2015
Bought 2 physical boxed copies of Minecraft for my 2 kids PS Vitas.
Each comes with a flyer inside offering a free download for Minecraft PS3.
I'm not entirely familiar with this - are these connected to the games we have in any way, or could anybody use them? i.e. could I sell the codes?! We already have the boxed PS3 game so don't need either code, but I don't see anybody on ebay or FS here selling download codes, so I'm wondering if I've misunderstood what it being offered?
Also, they say that they expire 12 months after purchase - is that the codes that stop working 12 months after I've bought the Vita game (how would they know?), or the downloaded game that will auto-destruct after playing it for 12 months?
Any help appreciated! Thanks
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The ps vita boxed version (physical).
Comes with a cartridge as well as a download code.

The download code will give you copies to both the digital ps vita copy of the game and the digital copy of the ps3 game.

You do not need the cartridge after downloading the digital copies of both games.

You do not need the ps3 c.d copy of the game either.

I bought minecraft vita for £8 with points and sale off game collection.

Used the digital code to get a vita and ps3 copy and sold the cartridge off to game for £11 credit.

It was basically a free copy of minecraft.
12 months is the expiry date of the code.

Once redeemed there is no expiry date.
Didn't see the responses - sorry! Thanks for your help.

I prefer to use the physical game cartridges because I've got 2 kids who want to play games on their own log-ins, but the way the PSN seems to work on Vitas is a bit odd, so that they can only download a game to their own account, so wouldn't be able to share games. Plus, they often want to play (suitable) games that have an older age rating than them, which won't download on their accounts. I spent a full day trying and ended up losing an entire download for the lego games because we redeemed it on the wrong account, so decided to completely forget about the downloading business.

So I'm just wondering if the codes on their own are any good to anybody, as I could flog them and buy a different physical game instead.

How do they know when the 12 month expiry date for the code begins? If the game was on the shop shelf for 6 months before it was purchased, and probably a few more months since manufacture, how would they know that date? Seems like a strange expiry to put on something like that?!
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