Minecraft to incorporate its own in-game currency

Found 10th Apr 2017

55 million unique players, EVERY MONTH. That is just plain mental. Minecraft was acquired by Microsoft back in 2014 and has gone on to sell over 121 million copies worldwide. So what next?

Well, it's own currency, of course.

Microsoft are opening the window (no pun intended) this Spring for nine businesses to add their feature packs, such as new storylines, in-game activities or landscapes to explore -- with prices ranging between about $1 and $10 per creation.

[image missing]

“For the first time we are going to enable creators to come in and put content into our store alongside the same content that Minecraft makes, the real impetus is to let creators connect to players and help them make a living on top of Minecraft.”
- John Thornton (Minecraft Executive Producer)

Unfortunately, or fortunately for us parents of console children, 'Minecraft Coins' and the relative store will only feature on Windows, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Totally excluding the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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"With Minecraft Coins, Microsoft is following both Amazon and Facebook into having its own virtual currency for in-app and content purchasing. This could be very relevant for Minecraft’s substantial base of younger users, who are unable to attach a credit card to their account. But, by using the Minecraft brand for the currency, Microsoft appears to see this as a self-contained move, rather than the start of something larger."
- Martin Garner (CCS Insight Analyst)

The currency can be purchased from any of the devices listed above that have an App Store, with the acquired currency then stored on the users Xbox Live virtual wallet and can be accessed on any of the supported platforms.

I'm not usually against IAPs, and if properly monitored can almost be harmless to young gamers, but I don't recall going a week where my six year old hasn't asked for an add-on for Minecraft. (Nooooo!)

I'd definitely be interested to know what you guys think to the new addition to the Minecraft world?

[Credit: Bloomberg Technology]
Community Updates
Should be highly profitable.
If your on pc. Get Atlauncher and play one of the custom mods for free. Bacondonuts skyfactory is cool, moonquest & yogscast stuff.
Been waiting for Microsoft to do something (other than crap story mode) but the above is not what is wanted. Console minecraft getting left behind but its 4 player splitscreen it's what sets it apart and could have been utilised for coop/vs story modes.
Played predominantly by kids, way to destroy your market as parents are becoming more wary of in game transactions, most kids play the thing on a tablet or phone.
Because the money they already got for this game just wasn't enough. They need to change the definition of 'greed' in the dictionary to 'Microsoft'.
'Minecraft coins' well that's a "My child spend £1000 on Minecraft" Daily Mail story in the making, with of course a standard Daily Mail sad face photo


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