mineminemine.co.uk - legit site?

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Found 16th Mar 2011
Planning on buying an expensive item from them.. anyone used them before? Can't find any reviews..

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Be careful!

Domain name:

Mine Mine Mine

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant's address:
Unit 6
Ellesmere Centre
M28 3ZH
United Kingdom

Ekm Systems Ltd t/a Ekm Systems Ltd [Tag = EKMSYSTEMS]
URL: ekmsystems.co.uk

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 24-Oct-2010
Renewal date: 24-Oct-2012
Last updated: 24-Oct-2010

Original Poster

Yeah cheers just saw that. Their Facebook page has a very discouraging comment on it too. Oh well, they're the only place that allegedly stocks a laptop I'm after for a decent price.

Hey Nick Did you end up buying From Mine Mine Mine and if so how was your experience ?

I made a purchase from this place - big mistake,

It was a simple purchase - a new DVD and a couple of books.

They sent a used DVD (via Amazon) and two books in poor packaging that resulted in them getting damaged.

They replaced the DVD but would do nothing about the books, misquoting Distance Selling Act to claim I have to pay to return them. They have ignored all subsequent email.

Bought something myself from them for over £50 13days ago.
Sent an email asking how long it would be after recieving a 'Item dispatched' email with no response. Sent another one (as per their 'contact us' page) which promised a reply within 4hours...
...still waiting.
Anyone know what can be done?

bought a video recorder last month, from mineminemine.co.uk has'nt arrived yet ,4 phone calls, 4 e-mails still waiting for a reply. THEY TOOK MY MONEY PRETTY QUICK THOUGH

Any company who uses Comic Sans on their website most definitely cannot be trusted!

Huge! Enormous mistake!
They got hold very quickly of my money -taken out of my card …£100 and a very formal reply saying “yep thank you for being a customer.”
A week later I’ve contacted them to see what’s happening to my 4-5 days delivery and after waiting another 2 days …another very formal email came into my inbox saying sorry mate but we out of stock on this product but our suppliers will delivery it directly to you… total lies as 1 month later after several email and threatening them with bad publicity got nothing but another email saying we refund it you.

Wish I had found this page before ordering! I too have sadly ordered a laptop battery from mineminemine.co.uk. 16 days ago I paid, 8 days ago I sent my first email and spoke to their answering machine "...all our agents are on other calls at the moment..." RUBBISH! 3 days ago I contacted them through Google checkout, direct email and answering phone again and today I have been through the same process all over again. Luckily Im hoping google checkout will be able to refund my money and I pity anyone who paid them directly.

Apalling service, no communication, if this is not a one man band in a warehouse somewhere Ill be suprised.

Don't use them, another customer here with nothing delivered but moony taken...

Strongly advise anybody looking to use this site to steer clear. They were selling a tattoo power supply £25 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else. Never been bitten on-line before so didn't think twice about ordering it. Gave it the maximum four weeks they allowed and nothing. 2 emails and a phone call later I contacted Nochex who processed payment for the item. nochex told me they have had no joy in getting in touch with them and are no longer offering their service to mineminemine.
I too wish I;d found this site before purchasing.
How can this site get shut down? Is there anything that can be done to pursue a refund??
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