Mini cash ISA

    I am not sure if this is the best place to post this, but today is the last possible day to get an ISA with this years allowance.

    Does anyone know of any Mini Cash ISAS that can be signed up for today?

    (some of the ones I have checked, want you to send them a cheque - how basic!)




    I have had an email from the moneysupermarket they give you some good offers of whos best etc…gs/

    dont know if this of any help but its worth a look at

    I know its too late for the last tax yr but the current best mini-cash isa is alliance and leicester 5.2%


    careful alliance Mini ISA its only 5.2 til next april then it drops 0.70%.

    But it is possible to transfer your ISA to another Provider. Id keep this in mind and also see if your able to do so with the alliance one incase after 2007 theres a better rate around.

    Hope this helps
    I have the alliance 5% current account, but not the ISA
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