Found 8th Mar 2010
do they sell an item to convert mini dv to dvd using usb not a company a gadget what i can use to do it myself?


Do you have a mini DV camcorder? If so, just connect it to your computer and record with Windows movie maker and burn the disk.

Hi there

What camera are you getting the mini DV from? Did that come with a USB cable?

Normally you have to rip the tape footage on Mini DV using something like Nero vision to your hard drive by connecting your video camera to PC. You can then use all sorts of authoring tools to make s great DVD, or alternatively just drop the entire footage to DVD but again you'll need something like Nero - but Windows Vista has a built in program - Movie Maker which should do the trick.

Does that help at all?


the porter;8047399

no just loads of mini dv sold my camcorder years ago i thought there … no just loads of mini dv sold my camcorder years ago i thought there might of been something you just put the tape in connect it by usb either upload them or just burn direct to dvd

Can I suggest you try and borrow one from a mate for a few days - I think that will be the best option!

Why not just record direct to a DVD recorder. This is what I do. Not exactly profession, but saves loads of time.

There is a video that plays mini DV tapes. Was a big deal a few years ago, and they can still be picked up on ebay, but they go for a lot of money. Last time I was looking at them, I think it was over £200.
I hear what you are saying, "a tool for everything" but in this instance, the cheapest and simplest tool is to borrow a mini DV camcorder, or pick up a cheap cam on on ebay

Like this one - item number - 270540419914.
It's in Florida. £265 BIN plus shipping plus voltage converter > £300 :w00t:

* check out the pics, he is displaying the image on an old Commodore monitor. This guy is true old school!


Where do they put the tape? In the clouds?

You just have to continue to be a nasty piece of work, don't you!

But then, you know I was referring to exactly the same thing as rehydrated mentioned above.
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