mini fridge

    hello all

    been wanting a mini refrigerator for a while and was wondering whats the cheapest range of prices you can get one for?

    just something to put in my room to store snacks and beers mainly.




    i had a medium sized coca-cola one could hold upto 16 cans comfortably got it for £20 @ homebargains a while back check on fleabay

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    saw a stella one at tesco for like £100 or something today. dont know how much it holds or how expensive that is but i was just wondering what kind of prices you pay for these beofre i end up spending over the odds.

    avergae 50 quid check argos, and sometimes asda n tesco got em for like 70 quid but u get 2 cases of beer in them for that

    The small ones are quite noisy, my kids had them in their rooms and moved them out as they kept them awake!

    husky fridges are about £70/£80 depending where you shop but I'm sure if you hunt around you could find a bargain
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