Mini Fridge

    Hi all,

    Anyone know of a cheap and reliable mini fridge/cooler. It needs to be big enough to store a 4l bottle of milk in, so none of the the coke can ones etc. It's to be for my room in uni.

    I've got about £30 to spend.

    Thanks in advance.


    we have a coolbox type holds quite a bit...can be used in the car/caravan etc with cig lighter or can take a mains adaptor-we take it on hols abroad even its great...camping shops sell them-we got ours from woolies i think £18 and the lead from a camp shop £12

    its like item number120516973235 on ebay

    This one no good then?…buc

    I know its a coke-can one, but its 4l capacity?


    This one no good then? … This one no good then? know its a coke-can one, but its 4l capacity?

    daughter had one of these and it says on it use max so many hours...wasnt even long enough for overnight:? we gave it away.
    The other type we have has been used for a full 2 weeks at a time...we also use it for parties and days out, and have had it now 6years:thumbsup:
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