Mini ITX, casual gamer machine - Advice needed

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I figure its time to finally upgrade from my ps3, wonderful that it has been, i cant see assetto corsa being released for it.

I have a wheel and pedals that aren't compatible with any of the new consoles, so i figured I would be best going with a self-build.

Thing is, my most modern hardware is about 2012, i run linux at home so good, old h/w has never needed to be upgraded, and i have no idea about current requirements for gaming

I have a nice mini-itx case with psu, so i'd like a mini-itx board and a cpu (i5?) to go in it.

Scratch that, i would probably be better off spending money on a new case that can take a gfx card and perhaps a matx?

I have a spare ssd, and probably a 1tb hdd lying around, i have a pretty nice monitor or two, but may wish to explore VR in the future - looks good for driving sims.

I don't have a gfx card - i was thinking a 1050 4gb? would this be enough for the current crop of driving games (my main interest)

I am on a pretty tight budget tho, so any recommendations for board, cpu, and gfx card would be good.

I should also say, that not only am i not averse to trawling through ebay for deals on older kit, i would almost prefer to do that if i could get more bang for my buck, any older boards / chips that would still hold up for my needs?

Also, whats the cheapest, legal, way to get windows? i think i last used it when it was XP
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