Found 5th Feb 2009
My wife gave birth to our first child yesterday. He's called Ryan, and weighed in at 6lbs 7oz, and was 1 week early.

My wife had a traumatic labour, and the wee man was eventually delivered in theatre with forceps to turn him around, as the midwifes didn't know he was in the wrong position. Still, she didn't need a C Section in the end! He did however, look like he had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, as you can see from the pictures below - although he's already healing up really well.

He is doing well, but is in the Special Care Unit as he's having a few issues with controlling his blood glucose levels. We hope to have him out of there in the next day or so.

Delighted and exhausted - we think he's beautiful - picture below.

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congratulations x x

Congratulations Moob Hope mum and baby doing well :thumbsup:

Ah dude that's lovely.

Congrats for you and yours broseph

Awww what fantastic news - he looks gorgeous. Many, many congratulations :thumbsup:

well done to you both and i hope your wife is feeling better soon hope it dosent put her off another one! my 3rd son is also called ryan

Aww what a little cutie - he will be home soon :-D

Congratulations to you both xx

He is gorgeous!

Congratulations and hope wifey feels better soon, a traumatic birth can make you weepy for quite a while. Take comfort in your son xx

congratulations you must be so proud x x x


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Thanks all!!

Really appreciate the good wishes - it's been a rough couple of days, but he's really, really worth it!

You can see his bruised lip better in the picture below - pool wee soul.

[CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Blue"]Well done to you both[/COLOR][/SIZE] (well mainly mum)[/CENTER]

aww, hes adorable. Congratulations to you all, and I hope you have him home soon x

Glad both are doing well, congrats to you and your wife xx

Huge congratulations to you and the family xxx

wow congrats

believe it when people say they dont stay small for long i used to think yeah right, it goes soooo quick my little one is 5 months olds in a couple of weeks, hope you have a wicked time being a parent is one of the best things that has ever happened to me i wish you and your new little family all the best mwah x

congratulations to you both, hope he will be home soon xx




aww my love he's gorgeous!!! even with the bruise-its a story for the grandkids...and I bet your wife came off worse! congratulations to you both and how lucky you are!!

Congratulations to you both x

Original Poster


aww my love he's gorgeous!!! even with the bruise-its a story for the … aww my love he's gorgeous!!! even with the bruise-its a story for the grandkids...and I bet your wife came off worse! congratulations to you both and how lucky you are!!xx


The wife is in remarkably good shape given what she went through. By the time it was all over, she had been up for 45 hours without sleep. I think when she saw what she had produced, it lifted her physically and mentally.

An amazing experience!

Thanks to all for your kind words.:thumbsup:

awww lovely congratulations!!!

well done ......................... ya aint getting any nookie for a while :roll:

He's gorgeous and he is also in the best place. My son was 6 weeks prem and was in NICU for 2 weeks and the nurses were absolutely fab! They do a great job!

Good luck to you all and God Bless!

congratulations on a beautiful little baby boy XXX

Oh just look at him. You and your wife are really clever!


He's beautiful, big congrats to all the family

Oh bless him. The bruises will soon heal though and you can take him home.

Best wishes to you and your wife. xx

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="5"]Welcome to the world Ryan[/SIZE][/COLOR]:thumbsup:

And to Mom & Dad

He is absolutely gorgeous!

Awww he is gorgeous, even his little poor lip.

Big congrats to you and your wife

He's gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!

Congratulations to you, your wife and little Ryan.
You are right he is beautiful and he will heal and grow so fast.



my dads got moobs :thinking:


Congrats hun. poor baby Moob had a simaler deliver with AM wait for the wonderful rainbow of colour that develops over the next few days :giggle:

Well done Mrs Moob:thumbsup:

congrats he is so cute and i love the name ryan too,one of my sons was called ryan lee
hope mum and baby are home with u soon x

awww he's gorgeous :-D congrats and well done to mrs moob :thumbsup:
my 2nd son was 10lb 4oz and born back to back and the midwife didn't realise untill she saw his head was facing the wrong way :? same midwife who, when i said 'i can't do this' said 'oh just get on with it you're only having a baby' :x she soon appologised after her major mistake :roll:

Congrats :thumbsup:
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