Mini One, Mini Cooper (used) help

    Hello all,

    Well after lots of research I've decided that I'm going to be purchasing a used mini one or cooper (dependent on spec desired one has). Have done lots of research and have a rough guide of what to look for however I wanted to ask my trusted fellow hotukdeals members for any pointers to make sure I haven't missed anything. One liners, detailed, recommended sellers in the south east even recommended approved garages. Just want to cover all my bases. The age I'll be looking into buying will be 2003/2005ish. Thanks in advance!


    There are some BMW garages down south, but you will probably be paying a bit more than at another secondhand garage, but they might offer some special deals and you have peace of mind that it will be fully checked over.

    I would be very surprised if you will find one that age in a MINI Dealership, they tend to keep the newer models in stock sadly.

    Make sure you get a warranty with it, very very important. They can be very expensive to repair if something is wrong. Check the clutch and gearbox for any weird noises. Check the power steering pump is not sounding weird (they usually whine) - Check the steering column is smooth when turning the wheel opposite locks. Make sure the car drives straight when you let go of the steering wheel (common suspension problem in the earlier models)

    PS, try to get one with the Salt or preferable Pepper Package, these are the optional extra packs which have all the things you will need.

    Also, dont worry if you buy a Mini One, for a few hundred quid you can get a Bluefin machine which will put 30+ HP onto the Mini One, it then ends up faster than the Mini Cooper.

    They are amazing cars btw!
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