Posted 18 November 2023

Mini PC monitor

Anyone have any decent deals for under £50?
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    Offers under £37.99 new ex-UK for 10.1" via business shifter on the bay where ebay UK deems it beneficially absolutely essential to prevent buyers from seeing the seller's contact details.

    VGA + HDMI + AVI + BNC including cables, plus USB.
    Inc bracket, PSU (short-ish lead length), remote.

    Seller even conveniently includes double-sided tape so you can perform drop tests,
    although doubt you will be able to get beyond test one.

    Sellers marketing dept performed epic fail by ineffectually showing product application image including use by a driver whilst driving and using CB radio,
    where clearly the driver has a spare hand that could also be simultaneously using a cellphone.

    but bypass the ebay UK hide-seller-contact-details rubbish by checking some other ebay territory on desktop-size screen, such as US:…205
  2. Pájaro's avatar
    How mini are you talking? There's a 7" 1024x600 on eBay for £30 at item ID 193082040550.
  3. C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    What size and resolution monitor are you looking for?

    When you say mini pc. I assume you mean you have a sff (small form factor) pc like one of those bee link cube's. Or do you actually mean you want a miniature monitor screen?
    angelhaseyes's avatar
    A mini monitor. To use as a second screen. (edited)
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