Posted 24th Dec 2022
Hi everyone

Ive searched the forums before posting to see if there were any deals on Mini PC’s or decent sub £300-£350 deals. I need one for the office, mainly to connect to a projector and for team members to use for meetings and also as the projector is 4K, ideally we want to hold film/movie days. 

As we will be hiring the venue out, port availability for SD cards and USB (and ease of reach for people) is ideally needed. 

Can someone recommend a decent spec please.
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    Dell or Lenovo USFF is what you need.

    Dell Optiplex MFF range

    Lenovo M Series Tiny.

    Plenty of refurbs on offer which offer great VFM.
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    I got mine from eBay,
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    The HP Prodesk 400/600 range can be had for good prices on eBay in almost new condition.
    I've bought 3 so far including the Mini and the SFF model.
    The mini is a powerful little beggar for its size and I used it as a Home theatre PC.
    They look good too.…122
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