Mini / Portable TV with Freeview - Any good deals out there PLEASE!!!!!

    Hi all - Am after the above for my sons birthday next month, trying to find one that is under £70 if poss as he is also after games workshop stuff (so any good deals on that aswell would be appreciated!!) The Tv should be a little portable thing or handheld gizmo with freeview as he has far too much stuff in his room for a big tv!! Thanks in advance guys!!


    You could buy a 14" portable for about £45 from Argos, then buy a seperate freeview box for a few quid extra. Alternatively, does your son have a PC in his room? - if so you could just buy a USB DVB-T tuner and he could watch freeview on that - saving some space and money.

    Re: Games Workshop, the following online retailer seems to sell a lot of GW stuff discounted:…qig

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    Thanks for that - now am saving it for christmas as the sod has broken his mobile and needs a new one of them aagghh!!!
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