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Found 8th Nov 2007
I have a load of minidiscs that i want to record onto my hard drive. If i buy a 'Net' minidisc player which will link to the pc can i drag and drop the music files? Or do i have to listen to the music while i record it?
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not sure if its the case know but when i had a net md a couple of years ago you couldnt drag and drop it to your pc from the sony software. not sure it its different now
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yeh thats what i was afraid of. I dont think any 'new' types of minidisc players have come out so im guessing that its the same now. Can anyone suggest the best way of recording them onto my hard drive?
you might want to search google and see if this can be done with the hi-md minidisk players or if there is any third party software that will allow you to do it. if not youll have to do it by using audacity which means you got to play each track
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thanks flexo :thumbsup:
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