Does anyone know where the cheapest place to buy minidiscs is these days?

    My husband used to get his from wilkinsons but the ones near us don't sell them anymore :-(

    Before spending hours searching online thought i'd ask here 1st


    Hello! This is my first post!

    Not sure this is the right way to post this (maybe in selling forum). However I do have a load of old minidiscs. Most of them don't have cases and they have music on them. However I don't use them anymore. There are websites which sell them new such as [url][/url] but I'd be happy to get rid of mine.

    mod edit: please use the for sale or trade forum to sell these thanks

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    Thanks for the reply Taz

    I'll tell my husband later and if he's interested i'll send you a pm

    I also have lots of old minidiscs and a player if you are interested. If you reply on the thread could you also pm me, otherwise I dont always notice the reply lol!
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