MINIDV Digital Video Camera wanted. Sub £200

I remember a while ago tesco were doing some minidv cams at about £150 but I missed out. Cheapest on the high street for what I want is around £200 but I want it cheaper :P

Basically I just want a basic video camera that takes minidv tapes and that I can capture and edit the footage back on the pc. If anyone has any ideas where to get a cheap one from it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks everyone.


You can get couple of Sonys , Canon MV890 or Panasonic NV-GS27 for roughly 180 quid.
Have you got any idea what features you require?

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Erm... Well, all the basic models are pretty much the same aren't they?

I just want connectivety with the PC, a decent optical zoom, and preferably a decent photo mode, although I'm well aware these are pretty bad of video cams. Oh, and decent footage capture.

Thanks for your help so far Kommunist!

OK then.. let's compare two of them:

Panasonic DS27:
1/6 inch CCD (800k pixel Total)
F1.8 (Wide)/F3.9(Tele)
30x Variable Speed Zoom

Canon MV890
1/6" Interlaced 800,000
22x optical zoom
True 16:9 recording with widescreen LCD & colour viewfinder

In short, the major difference is longer zoom on Panasonic and 16:9 recording on Canon. According to Canon website, there is no photo mode on MV890 - not sure if that's true.

There are also a couple of JVCs in this price range. Sony upto 200 quid are all D8, not MiniDV.

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Yep, at that price point there is very little to choose between. I'll have a look in town today and see if I can beat it.
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